Be sure to install the Unity plugin (link above) to get started!

Welcome to It's de'Zu: Doppler Tweet World - our little piece of 3d-space pulling in allll of the interactions that our account has experienced on Twitter for the past... arbitrary period of time - and converting them into a bustling little virtual world.

Twitter us @DopplerInteract - and within a matter of minutes you'll see yourself in glorious 3d - up there... strutting your e-stuff with the best of them.

Every time the script is updated, it will start from the beginning of the period it is looking at. The more popular we are, the longer it will take to get to the current moment in time. Thorough!

So how does this glorious piece of engineering work?

The beautiful Unity web-application above calls out to a Google App Engine service, which will occasionally pull a list of all the messages we've received or posted on Twitter over the past period of time.

This web-app will take allllll of those messages, and turn them into a script - and the husky-headed characters you see above will run through the script - enunciating to YOU - the audience, whatever high-brow message our Twitter friends have deemed appropriate.

We'll keep updating this page as things occur - feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below... make this bad-boy a real dynamic webpage, huh?


-If there is some issue with Twitter messages being received - if the characters are saying "No dice, yo - something is busted", then 9 times out of 10 some angry individual has been mis-using the Twitter API on Google App Engine. It'll usually be alllll OK within an hour or so.

-If you enjoy the characters or general mise en scène of the thing - check out the games page, or our blog. Our characters are currently breathing heavily via iPad, iPhone and Android.


-Joshua McGrath

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